What's New, You Ask?

There have been some studies in workplaces over the years, yielding the following findings.  Forgive me for paraphrasing and simplifying.  In an office, management raised the overall brightness of the lighting by a small amount to see if it would help people stay alert.  The office productivity increased, for a time, then either stagnated or regressed, I can't remember which.  The lighting was then returned to the former brightness level.  Productivity again increased, for a time.  Small changes in heating and ambient sound have been said to produce similar findings.  The takeaway here is that change itself is often the catalyst for productivity, not necessarily what the change is.  Shaking things up some way or another keeps things fresh.  The brain craves novelty.

Here at DogTones Laboratories, we've been experimenting with this premise.  Since re-convening our original lineup, we've been working on new songs, sometimes several a week.  This has kept us all working pretty hard, and being pretty productive, even on weeks when we are not gigging.  Also, as it turns out, a productive band is generally a happy band.  We have had a lot of fun working on these songs.  Some are ready for prime time, some need more work, and one in particular (no, I'm absolutely NOT telling you the title, it is a surprise) is harder than probably anything any of us have ever had to play.  Some songs we have dusted off from the vault of DogTones V1 and brought back to life.  Here is a list of things we have worked on recently.  Feel free to request your favorite at a gig.  The more we play them, the better they'll get.  Well, that's the idea. 

Nowhere Man - The Beatles
Hitch a Ride - Boston
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Dream On - Aerosmith
All About that Bass- Meghan Trainor
Don't Dream it's Over - Crowded House
Dance With Me - Orleans
Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles
Jet Airliner - The Steve Miller Band
Burnin' for You - Blue Oyster Cult
A whole bunch of 90s songs in 4 minutes
A whole bunch of disco songs in....longer than 4 minutes?
at least a couple of surprises...we'll let you know

...and a few we've dusted off recently:

Never Been Any Reason - Head East
My Sharona - The Knack
Message in a Bottle - The Police
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

There are more in the works.  Adjusting lighting levels.....